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Sustainable Gastronomy Day 2024

Sustainable Gastronomy Day 2024.

Tuesday 18th June marks the United Nations Sustainable Gastronomy Day 2024.

In recognition of Sustainable Gastronomy Day, MLA College is highlighting the importance of sustainability in the culinary world. This day highlights gastronomy’s vital role in promoting responsible consumption and production practices, that contribute to the protection of the environment and the advancement of food security.

For chefs, caterers and hospitality professionals, embracing sustainability is a crucial element of their business. To support these professionals, MLA College offers the MSc Global Sustainable Development programme which equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to implement sustainable practices into their gastronomy operations and beyond.

This programme consists of 2 compulsory modules and 6 optional modules. One of these optional modules is Hungry For Change: Food and Sustainability, which will delve into subjects such as food resource patterns, trends in food and sustainability and evaluate the importance of food to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. (SDG’s). You can watch an introduction to this module below.

Dr. Paul Wright, Programme Lead of the MSc Global Sustainable Development programme, said “Food has an association with every one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Whether it’s the lack of food or the food choices we make when we have plenty, the impact food has on us mentally and physically, the way food affects or is affected by the climate and environment, how social inequalities are expressed through the types of food we eat, or even how can define who we are by the meals we prepare, food is at the centre of all of this. Therefore, understanding these significant links between food, environment, society, and economy is crucial to not only further our transition to a sustainable world, but to one that is tasty and nutritious for all!”

Prospective learners might also be interested in the MSc Sustainability in Practice programme, which permits students to achieve a full master’s degree by undertaking a 12-month independent research project. This programme has been designed specifically for those who want to get involved and take part in exploring your workplace or community challenges and create authentic and sustainable solutions to implement.

For more information on how you can transform your career in gastronomy through sustainable development, email us at

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