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Who We Are

MLA College is a specialist in global education, earning acclaim as an award-winning Higher Education provider. Specialising in UK distance learning degrees, which can be studied from anywhere in the world, our focus extends beyond boundaries, particularly within the dynamic marine and maritime sector. Established in 2012, MLA College, formerly Marine Learning Alliance Ltd, has transcended its origins at the University of Plymouth and now proudly stands as a registered Higher Education Institution in England.

What sets us apart is our robust collaboration with the United Nations Institute for training and Research (UNITAR), a partnership that amplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge sustainability programmes. These initiatives are designed to resonate across all sectors of industry, making a lasting impact on global education.

At MLA College, we’re not just shaping minds; we’re pioneering a sustainable future that appeals to every facet of the industry landscape.


We remain committed to a clearly defined set of core values where the learner is placed at the centre of everything we do.

  • Educational excellence
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Academic freedom for all
  • Accessibility

How we deliver

Our specially designed programme delivery is tailored to meet the needs of busy professionals like you. Whether you’re on the high seas or working on land, our Total Learning Package (TLP) offers you the opportunity to earn an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from the prestigious University of Plymouth, regardless of your global location.

With the TLP, you have the flexibility to download your course materials and study at your own pace, whether online or offline. There are no compulsory live lectures to attend, allowing you to effortlessly juggle your career and personal commitments while pursuing your university degree online. This unique advantage has proven invaluable to many of our students.

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Why choose MLA College

  • High-quality Content: We have an expert in-house production team responsible for creating meaningful and engaging content with other leading industry and academic experts. In addition, all the lectures are backed up with both video and written content, which further creates a firm platform for you to digest information and encourage your own curiosity to expand your knowledge of the subjects.
  • Total Learning Package (TLP) Interface: Through the award-winning TLP interface, you can learn the theories, principles, and models relevant to your chosen degree programme.  It has been developed to provide an inclusive, easy to navigate environment, which includes all the teaching and learning materials needed.
  • Flexible Course Delivery: We offer the unique opportunity to start your online degree programme in January, May or September as we offer three in-takes per year. This provides more flexibility to all our students, thereby balancing pre-existing commitments, such as family or employment, whilst still being able to progress and continue their professional education. Similarly, relocating to a foreign country to gain a qualification is not an option for many students. However, studying with MLA College, they can easily obtain enhanced distance learning degrees and keep their costs to an absolute minimum.
  • Personal tutors to support your learning experience: We have a core team of subject-specific academics, all experts in their field, that are dedicated to help students through their studies. We also have an array of associate lecturers with expertise and experience working in diverse industrial sectors across the globe. These experts are utilised to offer tutor support to students wishing to undertake dissertations in their areas of specialisation. 

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