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PART-TIME DISTANCE LEARNING: A saving grace for global HR departments

PART-TIME DISTANCE LEARNING: A saving grace for global HR departments.

The maritime industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector that demands a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, With technology advancements comes opportunity, and this opportunity has led HR departments, all over the world, to embrace distance learning.

Long gone are the days where companies are required to consider 12-month study leave requests from personnel, which we all know comes with a host of costs with back-filling the post.

Vast numbers of maritime personnel are looking for career advancements, to get to the top of their profession, or for Chartered status; and in doing so seek out specialised marine and maritime degree level programmes.

At MLA College we specialise in marine and maritime distance-learning degree programmes, we have spoken with many individuals who have told us they can’t possibly spend a day a week or more in a classroom- it’s just not viable.

One of the key advantages of MLA College’s educational approach, is the ability for industry professionals to study for a degree while still maintaining their current employment. Unlike traditional full-time education, MLA College’s part-time distance learning programmes eliminate the need for study leave. This means that professionals can continue working and contributing to their organisations, all while enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Designed with flexibility and the working professional in mind, students get to choose their own study patterns, without disrupting their work commitments. with dedicated tutor support throughout, they are able to schedule tutorials at times that suit them, rather than being confined to rigid schedules and geographical constraints.

The emphasis on simultaneous work and study provides significant benefits to industry professionals. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical application in the workplace, students gain a holistic understanding of the maritime industry. This integrated approach enhances critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills, all of which are invaluable assets in a rapidly evolving and competitive industry.

You may be thinking about what benefits studying with MLA College could bring your company. Well, showing your employees distance learning as an alternative study method helps you to retain talent, save on recruitment costs and improve practical outcomes through work-based projects.

Never before has education in the maritime industry been so accessible and convenient for both the employer and employee.

MLA College is a higher education provider offering part-time, distance-learning degrees for the marine and maritime industry. Degrees, validated by the University of Plymouth, include BSc/BSc (hons) in Sustainable Maritime Operations, MSc in Engineering for marine professionals (MSc by research project) and MSc in Navigation for marine professionals (MSc by research project)

With three entry points per year, maritime professionals can start their degree programme in January, May or September.

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