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No Degree? No Problem! How Your Work Experience Can Help You Get Your Masters Degree

No Degree? No Problem! How Your Work Experience Can Help You Get Your Masters Degree.

Don’t let not having a Bachelor Degree stop you from gaining the Master’s or MBA you’ve always wanted.

Through a process call APEL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) you can receive formal recognition for skills and knowledge you’ve already acquired, through structured or unstructured experiences like work, family, or leisure. This means that if you’ve gained industry-specific knowledge or skills through work, you can use this to gain entry into a postgraduate or masters program, bypassing the need for a bachelor’s degree.

APEL can be especially useful if you’re a mature student who has been out of education for some time or if you’ve worked in a specific industry for a number of years and gained a vast amount of valuable experience and knowledge. This recognition can help you gain entry into Higher Education courses or help you qualify for an award in a relevant subject area.

The bottom line is that formal education is not the only way to gain access to postgraduate or masters programs. Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning can open up new opportunities and help you get the recognition you deserve for the skills and knowledge you’ve gained outside of formal education.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if you can pursue a postgraduate degree without a bachelor’s, the answer is yes!

View our Master’s and MBA degrees here and contact us by emailing to discuss your eligibility.

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