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MLA College Unveils MLA Bytesize

MLA College Unveils MLA Bytesize.

Introducing MLA Bytesize – Your gateway to UN SDGs Mastery!

In a transformative leap towards a more knowledgeable and sustainable future, MLA College proudly introduces MLA Bytesize, an innovative collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). This groundbreaking platform is designed to offer short, impactful courses, empowering learners to comprehend the intricacies of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Upon the completion of each full course, learners will be honored with a prestigious certification from both UNITAR and MLA College, validating their understanding of each of the 17 SDGs.

MLA Bytesize emerges as the ultimate destination for concise yet impactful courses, designed to enrich skills and knowledge interactively. Whether you choose the ease of your computer or the mobility of your smartphone, MLA Bytesize has you covered. The Bytesize App, downloadable from Apple and Android App stores, ensures that learning is not confined to a desk, accompanying you wherever life takes you.

Launching with courses on SDG 1: No poverty and SDG 2: Zero Hunger, MLA Bytesize focuses on the 17 SDGs, and will roll out courses for each, over the coming months. Each course is intricately designed to provide learners with comprehensive insights into the urgent global challenges outlined by the United Nations. These short modular courses employ engaging video-based modules, transforming learning into an immersive and dynamic experience.


Key Features of MLA Bytesize:

  1. Flexibility: Adapt your learning to fit your lifestyle, whether it’s during a coffee break or a weekend study session.
  2. Engagement: Video-based modules ensure dynamic learning, holding your attention from start to finish.
  3. Validation: Certifications from UNITAR and MLA College add a valuable edge to your professional profile, showcasing your commitment to global sustainability.
  4. Progressive Expansion: As MLA Bytesize evolves, individual courses will be introduced for each of the 17 SDGs, offering a holistic understanding of the global challenges we face.

Every step of the learning journey on MLA Bytesize is accompanied by concise quizzes following each module. This interactive approach ensures that knowledge retention is not merely a passive process but an active engagement with the material.


Want to give the gift of knowledge to a friend, colleague, employee or loved one? Send one of our gift tokens to cover the cost of the course you wish to send! There are handy instructional videos that give you a step-by-step guide on how to use the gift tokens after purchasing. We have also developed videos for the recipient, showing them how a Bytesize short course works and help them get started on their learning journey.

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