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International Women’s Day 2022: Meet Deborah!

International Women's Day 2022: Meet Deborah!.

In celebaration of International Women’s Day 2022, we caught up with MLA College Graduate, Deborah Febres Urdaneta, to get her views on her time with MLA and how the programme studied has boosted her career opportunities.

Hi Deborah, what is it like to study with MLA College? 

MLA College offered a study that fitted my needs, the whole process was a brand-new

experience. No matter your background, your past and if you were a student before in your life. This was exciting and worked really well for me.

Why was distance learning right for you?

The degree wasn’t offered locally, and so distance learning was the right fit for me to be able to keep doing my job and directly apply concepts learned to it. This format, of specific fit courses to need, allowed me to continue to develop, not having to put employment on hold to get new knowledge. 

Has your qualification helped your career?

Yes, it has. I was able to apply the concepts learned in different aspects of my current professional experience and continual professional growth. Even when going over already known concepts, reviewing, and adding a fresh new perspective helps to be more confident and  that still transfers and permeates to my work results.

Has job role and gender inequalities in the workplace been improved due to your qualification?

I believe this to be true. To note that my career advancements have all been related to my performance during the opportunities given to demonstrate my qualifications. This new degree, added to prior ones, indeed helped build my knowledge and confidence, which allowed the advances in my career due to improvement in capacity and abilities, giving shape to the professional I am today. I have to add that I believe in all diversity not just genders (cultures, backgrounds and gender). All diversity helps the resilience of groups and efficient solution findings within any professional group setting, by a more accessible education to all, this can happen.

Have there been more career opportunities available to you?

The degree earned is quite specific, it is due to that specificity that some horizons have broadened and opened.  

MLA College is proud to be a part of the quest to achieve a gender equal world. Our ‘Women in Maritime’ Scholarship is available to all new female students enrolling for our May 2022 term*. The Scholarship offers a £500 fee reduction, and we hope will help to encourage more females into the Maritime industries and assist with closing the gap in gender inequality.          *Terms and Conditions apply

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