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    Carlos Martins

    Hi everyone,
    To retrieve some books available online you have to login through the SHIBBOLET gateway. This is an institutional login and the access is granted through UK Higher Education > Plymouth University.

    Below is an example on how to get “The handbook of maritime economics and business”, that students of the SMO programmes may find useful.

    1. Go to the PU online library (, login and search for “The handbook of maritime economics and business”
    2. You’ll find that there are “Multiple versions found” – Click on View 3 versions. The second one listed has online access. Click on “View it“. Click on “View ebook“.
    3. In the Login screen that appears, select SHIBBOLET LOGIN.
    4. In the pull down menu (Select your region or group) select UK Higher Education.
    5. Select Plymouth University.
    6. If you didn’t login to PU yet, a PU login page appears – login to PU.
    7. That’s it – you have full online access to the book and the Full text PDF can be also downloaded (left column).

    Antony Krokowski

    Hi Carlos

    I tried your instructions and it looked very good. I have online access, just can’t get anywhere when I try to save the PDF. It shows Plymouth University, bit the EBSCO site doesn’t recognise my PU username.

    Carlos Martins

    Hi Antony,
    Your Plymouth University login is exclusively for PU websites (including PRIMO, the PU on-line library). Other library/databses sites external to PU are accessed with the PU institutional login and not with your personal one.
    In point 6, the login page that appears should be a Plymouth University pop-up page, not the EBSCO login page.

    A better way to avoid confusion is to start again and as a FIRST step, login to the PU library:
    1 – Open
    2 – Click on ‘Guest’ (top right hand corner of the page)
    3 – ‘Guest’ changes to ‘Sign in’ – Click here again
    4 – Choose ‘Plymouth University Login’
    5 – Insert your credentials
    6 – You should have now your ID at the top right of the page

    Following the search procedure you did before, now when you select Plymouth University (5 on the previous instructions) you should have access to the full text.


    Dear Dr. Carlos,

    I also had the same issue for Primo Login & I reported to Ms. Lucille. The reply quoted below & I guess it might help others:
    I have spoken to the Library and they have informed me that once you have accessed the library via logging into the University portal, you do not need to log in and can access journals and online resources. Apparently since they upgraded their system recently, partner college students do not need to login to Primo to access electronic resources. So long as you have reached Primo via an authenticated route (the DLE, for instance) then everything should function as usual and you can ignore any prompts to log-in to Primo.

    The Primo login only gives access to a ‘library’ account (borrowing and overdue etc), which partner students do not have unless they complete the existing application process. The software update has simply removed the ability to create an independent ‘my-space’ type account. You would not need an account since you are not physically accessing the books in the library.

    Best Regards.

    Carlos Martins

    That’s true – go to the PU website and login. Then click on the ‘Useful Links’ square and on ‘Electronic library (Primo)’ (the fourth link in the list). You should then have access to the full texts when available.

    Carlos Martins

    Hi again,
    There are two issues in this discussion:
    [li]Login in to PU which I hope that everyone now can do it[/li]
    [li]Accessing the “The handbook of maritime economics and business” at EBSCO[/li]
    Regarding the later, things are a bit more complicated, but if you follow the instructions below you’ll get it as I did it last year:

    How I managed to download the full book (1024 pages).

    In my previous post I drove you through the steps of searching the PU online library for “The handbook of maritime economics and business”. This should have led you to the EBSCOhost website where you are able to browse the content of the book and access sample pages.

    However, trying to view the full book or download it, is not straightforward. There is a limited access to the eBook as they allow only 3 concurrent users.

    You should ‘place a hold request’ on the eBook. For this you must create an account within EBSCO. This is free, and you just have to choose a username and password. After this you’ll be in line for accessing the eBook. I did this a couple of days ago, and today, when I went again through the PU searching steps, I ended with full online access to the book.

    Clicking on the PDF Full text I had online access (in the browser window) to the full book.

    Downloading the book:
    [li]Clicking on the Download This eBook (Offline) button:[/li]
    [li]This downloads a .acsm file (not a .pdf file)[/li]
    [li]The eBook .acsm is opened only with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) (free) which you have to download and install from the adobe website ([/li]
    [li]You’ll also need an Adobe ID – try to logon on the adobe site and then click on create an Adobe ID.[/li]
    [li]Opening the eBook .acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions, will download the full book, storing it in a My Digital Editions folder which is created inside your Documents folder. The book is a set of PDF files, but these are only opened with ADE.[/li]
    And that’s all folks…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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