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    Naushad Akhtar

    Could you please update when next module MLA702 will be available to download. Thanks

    Carlos Martins

    The 2018 starting dates are displayed on the website (under courses > information). Next MLA702 start is 7 May 2018 and the module will be available for download (for the enrolled students) by the end of the previous week.

    Caroline Acton

    Hi Carlos, thank you for the update, for students already enrolled on the programme is there any opportunity to start reviewing the video context, papers etc. immediately ?. Rather then wait until the end of April to do this. I have a month before I travel at the end of April so it would be beneficial to begin this process or at least start reading the papers while I’m away. Maybe this is not possible with your timescales.

    Naushad Akhtar

    I agree with Caroline.

    Aminu Momoh

    Yes, Caroline. Nice idea.


    Hello everyone,

    Caroline’s request is a fair one and was considered and discussed by MLA College academic and production teams. Unfortunately though, technical updates of the TLPs and academic improvements (e.g. producing new assessments) are on tight schedules and will only be ready the week before the scheduled start date of the modules; therefore, it is not possible to release the TLPs beforehand.

    We appreciate this might be disappointing for some of you; however, we have recently made some significant organisational changes at MLA College in response to feedback from students, and have now moved the College to a three-term system each year, with no compulsory recess between modules. This has had the effect of significantly shortening the overall study period.

    You can see the term dates on our website, but we’ll add them below (note that the week numbers here relate to an annualised calendar, so week 1 would be the first week of January):

    [li]MLA 702 Spring 2018: Week 3-Week 18[/li]
    [li]MLA 703 Summer 2018: Week 19-Week 34[/li]
    [li]Elective 1, Autumn 2018: Week 35-Week 50[/li]
    [li]Elective 2, Spring 2019. Achieve Postgraduate diploma: Week 3-Week 18[/li]
    [li]MSc project, Summer 2019: Week 20[/li]
    [li]Finish MSc, Summer 2020![/li]

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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