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    Cai Felynn Huiting

    Hi all! I have been most fortunate to join the Maritime industry as soon as I graduated with a Diploma in Maritime Transportation Management. I have found the maritime industry to be inspiring and exciting, with the diverse environment and roles that I was exposed to throughout my work experience.

    I was content with the exposures and was confident that I was able to perform my role by contributing my knowledge to the business. I am well versed in day to day marine operations due to my job nature i.e. arranging logistic aspects for crew changes related operations. And with these knowledges, I can respond to situation quickly and make swift decisions for the job. I have also developed understanding of the seafarers’ work conditions and environments and therefore able to empathise with them and communication on the same level of understanding.

    However, my view has changed since I have joined BP Shipping. My team leader saw the potential in me and suggested I should stretch my limits and pursue further studies in the subject. He introduced to me BSc (Hons) Sustainable Maritime Operations, which immediately caught my interest.

    I am determined to complete this degree with the possibilities that more responsibilities can be added to my current role in the company. In the long run, at this stage of my career, I planned to work toward developing my knowledge in marine operations in a more in-depth aspects, in order to achieve or benefit a management position in crewing aspects of the business.

    Nonetheless, I seek to set a good example to other team members or act as a catalyst for them to also take up a new challenge at some point in their career path.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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